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UDK visual communication

Hi, im an italian student at the last year of artistic high school, i would like to get some explanation about vk at the Udk in Berlin. I am so sorry for speaking english in a basically german speaking site, but i don' t speak it well enough yet. I would like to know... if the professors are generally understanding when an international student, for example during the interview, has little lack of german knowledge (I am not talking about not speaking it at all of course, but more like when someone is not really very fluent or does not know a certain word to express something) and needs to switch to english. In general, do they turn a blind eye?  especially when someone demonstrates to be, in terms of talent and creativity, suitable to get accepted?

From a ""certificates"" point of view, on the udk site it says b1 at time of application and then b2, it also talks about even getting in with b1 and studying for b2 during the first 2 semesters but it is all a bit confusing this is why im asking....... .

do not get me wrong please, I know that I am talking about a really selective university and I am not claiming to get in at first try, when talking bout the interview when the application period hasn't even started yet, I just want to know if its a welcoming university for international students in order to decide in advance how to manage the period that, in these upcoming months, will take me to make a choise about wich university I should try to applicate to. 

About portfolio, do they prefer seeing all the projects linked under a specific topic or not? Should I put a limit to the creativity and leave something more traditional? Wich part should i actually improve: computer, hand printing techniques, drawing? Or more raw ideas and sketches? 

I know these are quite many questions and I am getting a bit annyoing sorry, anyway I really hope that some students or ex students from the udk could help me that would be great.

Andrea ;)

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(auf Deutsch: Du musst das lernen.)

Es gibt an der UdK Berlin sehr viele fremdsprachige Bewerber. Wenn man Dir zutraut, bis Studienbeginn genug deutsch gelernt zu haben, ist das kein Problem. Zeige, dass Du am fleißig am Deutsch lernen bist.

About your portfolio: you don´t need one specific topic.

it´s a very big university where it is possible to study VK in many different ways, so you can apply with many different portfolios. I would recommend drawings always in a portfolio, but it´s no problem to put, photos, paintings, digital works, video clips... into it.

Don´t try to be "traditional"

Show them, what you are interested in.



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